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24 September 2009 @ 09:00 am
[kazu diario] Hiatus ~~~  

Next week i must go to my medicine practices, i will go to a litle place, i will not have internet (Or i tough so~)


I miss my friends~~

I think Karen my rommie xD is becoming crazy because of me.

I think i am being a litle akward, but i really miss my friends. And also i am worried because of some thing that will happen and i didn´t aprove my Pharma exam~~~

So :/

Lyla, Qi, Val

T____________T I miss you.

Qi, you must be really busy nee? ^^ I hope you are doing it great as always, because You rocks >:3

Lyla, i hope you are okay my babe~~, i know you are strong. Fighting!!!, Love you

Val kick ass >:D~~ You are the best, (Tough you make me suffer a lot whit your fics~~) You are mean D:! xDDD jajaja I love you <333


eres un gay°!!!!! xDDDDD

where the hell i am? : Microbio c lass again xD
how i feel today =O!: busy
Music : Nothing xD